Kallio & Stammeier Consulting Oy is a design agency that provides electrification and automation, telecommunication system, and HVAC design services for construction and industrial operators.

The company mainly designs schools and teaching premises, public housing, business and office premises, commercial buildings, and residential housing. Most projects include supervision up until the handover stage. Heikki Kallio has also supervised several special projects such as UPM-Kymmene Oyj’s sawmill in Russia, and the building of a veneer mill and the extension and renovation of a plywood mill at UPM’s Chudovo mills.

Together with its partner companies, Kallio & Stammeier Consulting Oy has 25 electrical and 9 HVAC engineers in total. Based on various joint projects, we have a close relationship with all our partner companies.

Design and technical tools

All design is conducted with CAD. All employees have a fixed workstation, in addition to which the company has four laptops for fieldwork.

Our design system is based on Autocad (2007), which has been extended with Sähäkkä software and Cad-Expert Oy’s electric application software in addition to which the company has also developed its own application software for electric design. The company also used various calculation applications. All computers are connected to the Internet, which ensures quick and smooth passage of drawings by email to engineers and partner companies anywhere. The company has also utilized a project bank in some of its previous projects.

Quality assurance

The company uses its own written quality assurance system.

Heikki Kallio is responsible for the company’s operations and acts as its managing director, leader of projects, and engineer. Each engineer is also responsible for their work and is responsible for following the company’s quality assurance system.