Kallio & Stammeier Consulting Oy 

Kallio & Stammeier Consulting Oy was founded in 1992. It provides electric design, telecommunication engineering, and related consultancy services. The company’s managing director is Heikki Kallio, who also works as an engineer at the company. Kallio & Stammeier Consulting Oy is a member of The Finnish Association of Consulting Firms SKOL, Neuvottelevat Sähkösuunnittelijat NSS Ry (Negotiating Electrical engineers), and Turva-alan Yrittäjät ry (Companies in the Security Sector).

The company’s in-house design capacity is complemented with personnel from its partner companies. The design group consists of several engineers. There are no draughtspersons, since all design work is done directly on computer. The company’s partners include Insinööritoimisto Aki Kutvonen Ky (electric engineering) and A. Niemi Engineering Oy (HVAC design). In its Russian projects, the company also draws on the expertise of its Helsinki-based partner companies Insinööritoimisto Veikko Vahvaselkä Oy (electric engineering) and Insinööritoimisto Vahvacon Oy (HVAC design).

The company’s managing director Heikki Kallio is a shareholder in Cemec Consulting Engineers Oy Ltd, a company that operates in Russia and has solid expertise in Russian construction and electrical and HVAC engineering.

The company’s exports are mainly directed to the Russian market. Export accounts for roughly 30% of the company’s entire turnover. The proportion of exports is expected to increase in the coming years, up to as much as 60% of total turnover. The company’s financial situation is stable, and operations are profitable. Since 2004, Kallio & Stammeier Consulting Oy has had the highest attainable credit rating (AAA).